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Monthly Theme Art Challenge July 2022

Posted by Tangerine - July 3rd, 2022



Welcome to the MTAC July 2022! This is a short fun challenge which I will be hosting monthly for all the artists and creative people out in the lands of Newgrounds. If this is your first time hearing about MTAC, make sure to read through this before you submit anything for the MTAC. There just may be something you don't know!


MTAC (pronounced "em tack") is a challenge a friend and I had come up with a few months back. MTAC stands for "Monthly Theme Art Challenge" and is pretty much what it says in the title. I make a list of possible themes (ranging from Steampunk to Dream) and put them all on a spin wheel. At the start of every month, I spin the wheel to see the theme for the month. Whatever the theme is, we have to make something to do with that theme (of course participating is optional). If you are participating, you will only need to make one piece to get featured. If you make more than one then message me which one you want on the showcase (Just to stop clogging). At the end of the month, I would put on a little showcase of all the submissions. Perhaps, if there are a lot of people participating, I could put up a poll and let people vote on who is the winner of the month. If I do that then there will be separate votes for each category of art. Perhaps even sponsors could happen or I could pour a little money in.


I get a theme for the month and all participating people need to make a creative original piece with the theme. At the end of the month, I will host a showcase with one from each participating member.


Anyone can participate as long as it's something creative.

You can submit:

  • Artwork (Illustrations, pixel art, 3D modelling etc)
  • Songs & Pieces (Pretty much anything audio. Within reason.)
  • Voice acting (If you can find a way to do it)
  • Short games (If you are able to fit that in a month)
  • Writing (Stuff like short stories, plays and more. Yes, let's show the writers on Newgrounds some love)

Let me know if there is something you want to submit which doesn't fall under these categories. If you're worried that you aren't good enough for the challenge, don't be! This challenge is open to people of all skill levels and was made to help you broaden your skills and style to help you improve. I will comment on all of the submissions (depending on how many submissions there are. I am only human) with my honest feedback which might also help with improvement.

Also, any NSFW posts will not be featured on the showcase.


It's honestly simple! Comment down below your submission on the month's page (not this one) and I will look through them and get them ready for the showcase.



This month's theme is The Night. This theme is exactly as it says. Anything to do with the night. For artists, you could do a late-night cafe or the moon. For musicians, you could do something like a nocturn. Remember, be as creative as you'd like with the theme. They're broad for a reason!

Let your mind run wild!

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns about the challenge, feel free to message them on the MTAC QnA page or privately to me. I'll be happy to clear out any misconceptions or questions.

QnA page here:


Hope you enjoy this month's MTAC!




Soo, here's my submission: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/undetectedawari/missing-dream-people
You can find the ideas behind the submission in the description.
Also thanks for making this challenge. I had a lot of fun!

Awesome!! Thank you for participating :)

Woohoo! It's lovely to see you participated. I hope you enjoyed the challenge :)

Looks like you’re being more ambitious than I ever was with my one forum post about posting your best song. Honestly I’d love to participate in this, and I’d still have a few weeks to do so. Would be kinda cool to submit my music to a contest other than NGUAC. Thing is, which state could be night themed between Utah, Kentucky, West Virginia, Nebraska, or Hawaii? None of those states really scream nighttime to me. If only I had saved Montana for this contest lol. Maybe next month?

Hey, 50Steaks! Yeah, I know this idea for a challenge is very ambitious, but I know I can pull it off. I've been really active in the forums recently and MTAC has been a thing my friend and I have been doing for a little while now. I just thought it would be fun to bring it to Newgrounds too.

Yeah, your whole account challenge of making a song for each of the states does make it difficult for you. You could maybe make a song not themed after a state for once. Make a short standalone song. It's really up to you. The challenge will always be around so you could probably wait for a theme which ties in with one of the remaining states :)

@Tangerine yeah I considered that. Do you happen to know what next month’s theme will be? That would help me make a better decision.

Oh, my word! I'm so sorry for randomly not replying!! I looked at it late and night and decided to check it out in the morning and I just forgot until now. I can definitely talk to my friend and try to figure out the next month's theme. Super sorry for leaving you hanging for 13 days!

I'm confused as to where to submit this, but here it is:

Yeah, you submitted it in the right place! Thank you for participating in this month's challenge.